artbooks, portfolios, and texts


Pedestrians, drawings from 2016-2019, 40 pages, edition of 100 (signed and numbered), 2020

Three Wishes, texts and artworks by Maika Hassanbaik, Anders Dickson, Mimi Kunz, introduction by Prof. Dr. Laurence Rickels, 2014


On water-Eau-Wasser 2017-2019(ENG)

2019 Frühling, Sommer, Herbst – spring, summer, autumn (DE, ENG)

What If, ephemeral installations – ephemere Installationen (DE, ENG)

Mimi Kunz, live-make-share residency, 2018 (ENG)

Picturescapes 2015-18



Le futur du passé. Zu einigen Beobachtungen von Mimi Kunz, catalog text, Axel Heil, 2018 Deutsche Originalversion  English version

Leaves. Portrait of a Tightrope Dancer in Autumn., exhibition text, Moritz Gansen, 2015 English version