Flash Fiction, MoonPark Review, Issue Fourteen, 2020
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Memoir-in-Flash, Ellipsis, Zine Eight, 2020
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Flash Fiction, Flash Frontier, 2020
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poems, anthology, edition Ishtar, 2020
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From ‘Put the Mind in the Body’
poems and drawings, The Adjacent Pineapple, 2020
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April, always – A portrait of Brussels in parts, Imagery
essay, Brussels Express, 2019





April, always – A portrait of Brussels in parts, Form
essay, Brussels Express, 2019





By a name I know not how to tell thee who I am
essay, Brussels Writers Series VIII, Brussels Express, 2018





Things we do (crazy about you)
short story, Entropy, 2018
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Independence Day
short story, Reciprocalturn, 2015
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Kurzgeschichte, Reciprocalturn, 2015