new work

Le fil des mots

Duo residency and exhibition with Miriam Rose Gronwald at ODRADEK OFF Brussels, 2022

During our two weeks residency in the beautiful new space of ODRADEK the dancer, performance and textile artist Miriam Rose Gronwald and I explored the body as line, the line as string,
the fabric as paper, and the paper as space.

I painted live for the first time, translating the spontaneous choreographies of Miriam onto paper.

“I really appreciate when the head is not in the picture” a visitor said.

When dancing our body leads us and we follow our feelings.

From hand to foot / Des yeux à la main

My body and me, finding our song

A letter from the core

Sunlight, light years
You wrote this letter into the room, I read your body like a moon

When a dream carries you into the day, when the air smells of summer rain, when you meet a friend in the street, and life takes you by the hand, to dance

Slow is fast