Crossing the road like a melody

The first time I arrive in Hanoi is at Long Bien bus stop. Waiting outside a shop by the side of that busy big road I see an old lady balancing a bamboo stick on her shoulders. Plates full of fruit swing by her sides as she walkes calmly through the busy-noisy stream of motocycles. She reminds me of my calligraphy professor at the Art Academy. The lines he showed us to draw were steady from beginning to end, always the same width. “Keep the strength in”, he said, “don’t let the ink run out”.

This sentence stayed with me, and while watching the old lady cross the road I feel like it applies to life, to energy, to everything we do and feel and see.

Hanoi, 2018






Crossing the road like a melody

ink on Japanese paper

24 x 27 cm each



Crossing the road like a melody

ink, paper, bamboo, nylon

70 x 20 x 2 cm



live.make.share residency 2018
Hien Van Village Vietnam
organized by Undecided Productions
supported by the Goethe Institute Hanoi


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