A Walk in the Park, 2022

ink on Japanese paper
33 x 24 cm

During confinement the park became our living room. It was the place where people felt safe to walk and be together, to picnic, play and party. In collaboration with the photographer and walking artist Alexandra Huddleston I portrayed life in the park closest to us, the Jardins de l’Abbaye de la Cambre, in Brussels. This project will be shown in an exhibition at Streetview Anderlecht and published in the book ‘A Walk in the Park’ in spring 2023.

Walk with me

Like the wind

Forever in a day

Light as air, soft as sunbeams


Here you are, there you go

On our way (today)
On our way (on a sunny afternoon)
On our way (in autumn)


In our corner of the universe



Waiting for you, with the sun on my skin